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Our Additional Services

At The Jewel Studio, we offer much more than just jewellery. We are skilled jewellers and specialise in providing a range of other services to our customers to complement our bespoke jewellery. From our base in Hatton Garden at the heart of London's jewellery quarter, we can take care of all of your jewellery requirements, whether you require a simple repair, professional cleaning or you have a piece which needs valuing.

Silver jewellery is an ever-popular choice, but it can quickly become tarnished, particularly if you wear it on a daily basis. Similarly, other metals can begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. We can help your favourite piece of jewellery to sparkle again by giving it a thorough clean.

If you want your jewellery to look as good as new, The Jewel Studio can help.

Valuations of your Jewellery

Our valuation experts are highly-qualified, and have the skills required to accurately value any item. Whether you are looking to sell a piece of jewellery, or you simply want a valuation for personal purposes, we can provide you with a price which reflects current market value and the condition of your jewellery.

As well as valuing or cleaning your jewellery, we also have diamonds and precious stones available for you to view, which can be purchased individually or for use in your bespoke piece of jewellery. We offer this service by appointment only, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to take a look at the stones we have on offer.

Engraving for the Personal Touch

Jewellery might be the perfect gift, but having a heartfelt message or meaningful design engraved can add an extra special finishing touch to any present. Mark a special occasion by having an important date etched, or personalise your favourite piece with your initials. We can engrave the majority of items in the style that you prefer to create jewellery which is unique to you.

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Professional Cleaning

We will bring the true shine and sparkle back to your cherished piece of jewellery.


Our highly-qualified valuation experts accurately value your item.

Diamonds & Precious Stones

Full range of diamonds and precious stones available on site for viewing.


Full range of diamonds and precious stones available on site for viewing.

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